Critique D’Abigail Grater Carré

Je viens de découvrir la critique de Abi, traductrice anglaise professionnelle qui s’est intéressée à mon roman et m’a proposé de le traduire (voir article à ce sujet)… Une fois encore, je suis scotchée et très émue… Bon, c’est en anglais mais je le partage avec vous quand même !
« Exhilarating, visionary, touching, gripping, perceptive, terrifying, heart-warming, eclectic and altogether fascinating, Naboja: La Frontière Interdite/The Forbidden Frontier is a rollercoaster of an adventure told with real literary flair. It is the work of an author who loves stories, language, culture and people – all of which comes across in the writing. Catherine has created a world that, once delved into, calls you back again and again. Her imagination seems to be boundless, and the scenes, however extraordinary, are described with such vividness that they truly come alive in the mind and remain there, as if witnessed for real. She revels in both the sound and the meaning of words, using a rich vocabulary that remains accessible because the contexts hint at the meaning of even the most unusual ones. Her characters are all, literally and figuratively, on a journey. The classic struggle between good and evil is there, but not in a clichéd way, as both good and evil can come from unexpected places; so the underlying message is a positive one of tolerance and growth. Catherine follows in the tradition of great children’s writers whose work also appeals to adults – C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling, to name but two. Knowing Catherine personally, I was nervous to start to read it myself, in case I found either the writing or the story lacking; but in fact both have blown me away. I find it hard to imagine that any young person in the target age range, or indeed any lover of great storytelling of any age, who picked up this book, would not be hooked from the start. »
Merci, merci, merci Abi…

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